To apply for membership with RCSCC HARWOOD, please download the attached form, complete it, print and sign it and then return a scanned copy to our Administration Officer, SLt Laura Niles at Please also scan and email the necessary documents listed on page 1 in the Documents to Provide section.

Our training has begun but it is not too late to register. Prospective parents/cadets are encouraged to submit their registration packages as quickly as possible, and to join our closed Facebook group where we provide links to the online training sessions: You may participate in the online training while the registration process is underway.

If more than one family member is applying for membership, please complete a separate form for each. Cadet Application Form

Instructions for Completing the Application Form

*Please read all of the instructions on page 1 and 2 carefully before proceeding to page 3 and 4*

Section 1 – Check the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets box​ (Cadet Corps Name: RCSCC HARWOOD)

Section 2-4 – details as they pertain to the cadet applicant

Section 5 – may require additional documentation to be provided, per Documents to Provide

Section 6 – please provide details for both parents, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Access limitations may require additional documentation to be provided per Documents to Provide

Section 7 – please answer these questions carefully and honestly as they will help us to ensure that the cadet has a safe and enjoyable experience. Depending on your responses, additional forms may be emailed to you to ask for additional information.

Section 8 – to be signed by the cadet

Section 9 – to be signed by the parent

Section 10 – for internal use only

If you have difficulty completing any portions of the Application form, or not comfortable emailing this form, please email for assistance.